Aclima LightWool Sports T-Shirt, Herren

AclimaSKU: AC104785-285-L

Size: Large
Colour: Navy Blazer / North Atlantic
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Stay cool and comfortable with Aclima's LightWool T-shirt, perfect for all your summer activities.

Aclima's LightWool Sports T-shirt is the ideal choice for any outdoor activity, from relaxed strolls to intense paddling. The wool material keeps you warm, while the mesh under the arms and on the back provides excellent moisture-wicking properties. Plus, the LightWool series is designed with a soft and lightweight fabric that ventilates and regulates body temperature according to activity.

The Aclima LightWool T-shirt is made from 100% merino wool, knitted with 17.5 micron yarn and weighing in at only 140 g/m2. Wool is naturally resistant to odor, so the garment is perfect for long trips. All you have to do is dry and air it, and it's ready to go.

On top of its comfort and convenience, wool actually has a cooling effect when it's hot outside. Wool insulates against heat from the outside, providing a cooling effect during higher temperature days.

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