Aclima WarmWool Crew Neck Shirt, Damen

AclimaSKU: AC101702-303-S

Size: Small
Colour: Purple Rose
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The WarmWool Crewneck is a long-sleeved base layer with a round neck.

It has a tight fit, making it perfect for wearing close to the body on cold days. The seams are flat to minimize the risk of irritation and chafing. A soft and comfortable piece of clothing to wear underneath a drysuit or paddling jacket. Wool retains heat even when it gets damp during activity.

WarmWool is a knitted material, making it elastic and flexible. It is made of 100% Merino wool. The quality is 200 grams per square meter. The fibers of WarmWool are 20.5 microns, making it soft and comfortable against the skin. WarmWool is suitable as a layer close to the body or as a second layer when it is really cold.

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