Aclima WarmWool Pants, Damen

AclimaSKU: AC101711-287-S

Size: Small
Colour: North Atlantic
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These are Aclima's most popular wool pants.

The fit is tight and the garment is perfect as the first layer, closest to the skin, on cold days for all types of activities. The waistband has wool on the inside for the best comfort. You know that wool keeps you warm even in damp conditions, right?

WarmWool is a knitted material and therefore elastic and supple. The material consists of 100% merino wool. The quality is 200 grams per square meter. The fibers in WarmWool are 20.5 microns, the material is soft and pleasant against the skin. WarmWool is suitable as layer one closest to the body or as layer two when it is really cold.

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