Aclima WarmWool Shorts, Damen

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Stay warm and comfortable in the Aclima WarmWool Wool Shorts. These flexible, snug-fitting shorts provide superior coverage and protection from the cold, making them the perfect choice for wearing underneath a drysuit.

The Aclima WarmWool Wool Shorts feature a longer design that extends to the knee, providing more coverage than regular underwear. The waistband is lined with wool for optimal comfort, and the seams are flat to reduce the risk of irritation and chafing. Plus, the material is made from 100% merino wool with a 200 grams per square meter quality, and the fibers are 20.5 micron, making them incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin.

These shorts are designed to be worn as a single or double layer close to the body, helping to maintain the right temperature and wick away moisture. They are perfect for use in a kayak, as the longer design offers better protection from the cold. Plus, WarmWool is elastic and flexible, making it suitable for use in cold temperatures.

Stay warm and comfortable during your paddling adventures with the Aclima WarmWool Wool Shorts. Don't forget to leave the cotton underwear at home, as it absorbs moisture.

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