EastPolePaddles Aleutian Greenland Paddle, 230cm

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Experience the power and silence of the traditional Aleutian paddle from the Aleutian Islands northwest of Alaska.

Unlike Greenland paddles, Aleutian paddles are designed with a unique asymmetrical blade - one side of the blade is almost flat and works well for rolling and sculling, while the other side of the blade has a raised ridge along the paddle's centerline, providing reinforcement and stiffness for more powerful paddle strokes. The combination of these two sides creates a paddle that is both powerful and quiet.

When it comes to the length of an Aleutian paddle, it should be 10 cm longer than a Greenland paddle and up to 15 cm longer than a European paddle.

Crafted with 7 strips of Western Red Cedar, the Aleutian paddle is made to be stiffer and stronger, especially for longer paddles. It is also surface treated with Chinese tung oil to protect the wood and provide a comfortable and grippable surface.


Material: Western red cedar with a pine-reinforced shaft.

Length: 230 cm

Width: 90 mm

Weight: 700-1000 g

Note: Wood is a material with significant variations in density, weight, color, and pattern (grain). The weight of a standard paddle made of western red cedar normally ranges between 650 and 850 grams depending on the length of the paddle. The color of an oiled paddle can vary from light red to dark brown. Therefore, the pictures of the paddles are only to be considered as an illustration.

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