EastPolePaddles Nanook2 2-Piece Greenland Paddle, BlackBone

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Length: 220cm
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A two-piece Greenland paddle made of Western Red Cedar. Black epoxy tips on the blades make it extra durable.

This model is based on a traditional paddle from western Greenland. The paddle has an oval cross-section and pronounced shoulders in the transition between shaft and paddle blade. The oval shape of the blades makes them a bit quieter when paddling than the diamond-shaped model from Eastern Greenland. The pronounced shoulders facilitate the placement of the hands.

The paddle joint is of the highest quality and is made by Finnish Kajaksport. It enables easier transportation and storage.

NANOOK is made of Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), a light and beautiful wood species. The shafts have inserts of fir to make them stiffer. The paddles are surface-treated with oil to protect the wood and to give a pleasant and grippy surface.

Paddling with a Greenland paddle is gentle on muscles and joints. The long, slim blade glides easily and quietly through the water and is also not sensitive to wind.


  • Material: Western red cedar with fir reinforced shaft
  • Width: 90 mm
  • Weight: 800-950g
  • Tips of the blades made of epoxy

Note: Wood is a material with great variation in density, weight, color and pattern (grain). The weight of a standard paddle made of western red cedar is normally between 800 and 950 grams depending on the length of the paddle. The color of an oiled paddle can vary from light red to dark brown. The pictures of the paddles are therefore only to be regarded as an illustration.

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