Greentip Mow Tourenpaddel, Carbon

Greentip PaddlesSKU: GT-MOW-210-CLEAR

Length: 210-225cm
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A touring paddle designed for powerful touring paddlers.

The Greentip Mow features a large blade, making it optimized for paddlers with a more powerful stroke and higher paddle angle.

The shaft grips are oval, facilitating a relaxed grip on the paddle. Greentip Mow offers free angle adjustment and allows the paddler to customize the length by a full 15 cm.

The Greentip Mow Touring is a lightweight paddle with a large blade that provides a powerful stroke through the water. It's a popular choice among strong touring paddlers.

The paddle comes with a padded case, valued at 299 SEK.


  • Length: 210-225 cm
  • Blade area: 685 cm2
  • Blade length: 47.5 cm
  • Blade width: 18 cm
  • Weight: 700 gr
  • Length adjustment: 15 cm

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