Paddlespot Bootsroller Pro

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Robust kayak roller with triple suction cup design for optimal stability and force distribution.

Discover a swift and effortless solution enabling an individual to easily load or unload a kayak onto a vehicle's rooftop. This innovative kayak loader temporarily adheres to your vehicle's rear window or roof via robust suction cups, employing a technique akin to that used in lifting substantial glass panels. The inclusion of foam-padded rollers promises a gentle and secure glide for your kayak. A distinct feature of Paddlespot's Kayak Roller is the subtly V-shaped rollers, meticulously designed to guide the kayak accurately during operation.

For those with smaller rear windows or preferring roof mounting, we suggest our Compact model as an alternative.

These suction cups are engineered for application on entirely flat surfaces.

Key Specifications

  • Three robust suction cups ensuring enhanced stability and safety
  • Gently V-shaped design
  • Foam-lined rollers for delicate handling

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