Paddlespot Larrabee Tourenpaddel

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Length: 220-230cm
Colour (Shaft): Clear
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An exceptional touring paddle crafted entirely from carbon fiber, ideal for a broad spectrum of touring enthusiasts.

Larrabee stands out as a well balanced paddle, equipped with medium-sized blades that enable a smooth, effortless paddling experience. Its intuitive design fosters easy mastery of technique and rhythm, making it an excellent choice for day-trip adventurers. Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, this paddle strikes the perfect balance between lightweight ease and resilient durability.

Its oval-shaped shaft promotes a comfortable, relaxed grip. The advanced adjustable joint at the paddle's center allows for a 10cm length variation, providing adaptability to fit both narrow and wide kayaks alike. This feature also empowers paddlers to select their preferred blade angle. Larrabee is a top-tier, value-packed choice for those seeking versatility and quality in every stroke.

Made with high-grade carbon fiber, the paddle is delivered with a protective paddle bag.

The Larrabee Touring Paddle is inspired by a memorable journey to Larrabee State Park, a place cherished by one of the founders of Paddlespot. This paddle encapsulates the spirit of that remarkable lake experience, blending the serenity and adventure encountered in the heart of Larrabee's natural beauty. It's more than just a paddle; it's a tribute to those unforgettable moments on the water.


  • Available Lengths: 210-220 cm / 220-230 cm.
  • Blade Surface Area: 625 cm2
  • Blade Length: 50 cm
  • Blade Width: 16 cm
  • Weight: 710 g
  • 10 cm adjustable length range
  • Shaft Composition: Carbon Fiber
  • Blade Composition: Carbon Fiber

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